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Project Fashion is on hold this year and will return in 2023.

Fundraising Resources

We know these programs are an investment in students, so we put together some helpful tips to simplify your financial planning.


Consider creating a crowdfunding page to raise money from friends, family and anonymous donors who want to help people pursue their dreams. There are a number of websites designed to help you raise money for summer camps and education, such as Fundmytravel and Gofundme.

  • Clearly explain fundraising goals.
  • Share informative details about the educational tour.
  • Encourage donors to share the crowdfunding page with family and friends across social media networks and over email.

You can also talk to your high school guidance counselor for ideas on how to raise money. They’ll know of organizations or companies in the community that might be willing to provide support or scholarships to students attending educational camps. You have a lot of tools at your disposal, so use them!

Funding and distribution of funds are not managed by Project Fashion/Experience.